TetraGomy is a falling blocks type puzzle game, with a new twist. Pieces fall from the top and also rise from the bottom. When you complete a line on both sides they fold into the middle.

Instructions: On the main menu you can press "Keys" to adjust the trackball and touch sensitivity. You can also change wether the drop and rotate key is reversed for the bottom half of the screen. If your phone has a keyboard or navigation buttons you can set which keys you'd like to use to play.
Under "Sound" you can turn the sound on or off, change which song you'd like to hear while playing and adjust the volume.
Under "High Scores" you can view the highscore list.
Under "About" there is credits and general instructions.

The game is played by rotating and moving the falling piece so that it stacks with the other pieces and creates a solid horizontal line. Once you have created a line, or group of lines, on the top and bottom of the screen, they will fold into the middle. You get more points for more lines folded at once. If the pieces stack all the way to the top, or bottom (for lower side), the game is over. The level increases every 10 lines and the pieces start dropping faster.

New with version 1.1 -- Made the trackball controls more accurate.
Version 1.0 - First Release

Screen Shots:


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