Welcome to my website. The site is mostly about programming and contains some of my programs and games I've written.

Site Updates
Another great review of eGraffiti
Appdigy.com has done an excellent review of eGraffiti for Android! Read it here: Appdigy Review
16 Jul 2013 by xdebugx

eGraffiti now for android!
eGraffiti is now on android. Read a nice review of the app here: TechCookies Review
05 Jul 2013 by xdebugx

eGraffiti is back online!
I have started up the server for my multplayer drawing applet, I wrote back in 2002, eGraffiti. Play it here: eGraffiti
27 Mar 2013 by xdebugx

I've release a new android game Word Search Puzzle.
It has multiple puzzle sizes, word themes and scoreloop leaderboards. Market download link
25 Jul 2012 by xdebugx

I've released a new android app, Stop Alarm
Stop Alarm uses your gps to notify you when your close to your destination. If your riding a train or bus and want to take a nap or play a game, Stop Alarm will let you know when you've arrived at your stop. Stop Alarm
21 Jun 2012 by xdebugx

DagazEhwas reviewed at DroidIdol.com
DagazEhwas is this weeks winner at Droid Idol. Check out the review here: http://www.droididol.com/applications/dagazehwas-brick-basher
16 May 2012 by xdebugx

We're giving away the second episode of DagazEhwas Free!
You can get an unlock code to the second episode of our android game DagazEhwas for free, just by liking us on facebook or following us on twitter. The game itself is also free in the android market: DagazEhwas: Brick Basher
13 Dec 2011 by xdebugx

We've released a new game for android, DagazEhwas
We've remade DagazEhwas for android, with all new graphics, new powerups and bricks. It also has a story to go along with the game, see the project page here
03 Oct 2011 by xdebugx

I've released a new Android Game: Otto's Toy Chest
Check out my latest android game: Otto's Toy Chest, Project Page

Otto's Toy chest is a fun game where you are given toy animals that have been broken into pieces. Your job is to put them back together, but watch out for the fake pieces.
15 Dec 2010 by xdebugx

I've started a new site for my Android development:
I've started developing android games with a partner who is doing the graphics. To showcase our work we've created a new site: XdebugX Games
15 Dec 2010 by xdebugx

New article, Getting sound frequency data from microphone in real time
I've posted a new android tutorial on getting the frequency data from the microphone in real time. View it here
08 Aug 2010 by xdebugx

Party Light featured in a Best Buy commercial
My android app, Party Light, was used in a new Best Buy commercial. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GWwesk05Sc
07 Aug 2010 by xdebugx

Party Light gets over 50,000 downloads in the android market!
My android app, Part Light, has gotten over 50,000 downloads now, since Feb.
Check it out on my Android Page
01 Jul 2010 by xdebugx

I've made a new android app: TetraGomy
Check out my new android app, TetraGomy
16 Jun 2010 by xdebugx

New Article: Developing Android Apps without Eclipse
I've added a new article, it explains how to develop Android Apps without Eclipse. View it here
09 May 2010 by xdebugx

Android Games
I'm gonna start making android games. You can see a demo of my first project: Party Light for android phones. View it on youtube here: Party Light Android App Will be adding an android section to xdebugx.net soon!
24 Jan 2010 by xdebugx

New applet: Daily Quotes
I've created a new applet that will display a different quote on your webpage each time it is viewed. Get it under the applets section!
17 Oct 2009 by xdebugx

Old school Turbo Basic games
I've added a download for a collection of really old turbo basic games I wrote back in the 90's. Check out the programming page for the download, the games are compiled and the basic source code is also included.
27 Oct 2008 by xdebugx

Articles section add to the site!
I've added a new section to this website. The articles section will include programming articles, tutorials and tips.
05 Mar 2008 by xdebugx

hitCounter 2.2
The hit counter no longer uses a client/server tcp socket connection. This latest version uses php to update the hits and an applet to display them.
29 Feb 2008 by xdebugx

Updated DagazEhwaz v1.5
I've added the ability to continue your game in DagazEhwaz.
21 Jul 2007 by xdebugx

I've made a php server for my hit counter
Now for those of you who aren't able to run java applications on your webserver; Ive made a PHP version of the server.
14 Jul 2007 by xdebugx

New Mobile Game - Rubix Redux
I've added a new totally free game for mobile devices - Rubix Redux.
20 Jun 2007 by xdebugx

New phone game added.
I've added a new phone game/utility. It turns you phone into a Nightlight/Flashlight, Strobelight or Partylight.
22 May 2007 by xdebugx

Added a ringtones page. They are completely free to download to your computer or phone. Will add them to the wap site soon!
19 May 2007 by xdebugx

New Mobile Game - WordSearch 2.0
I've added a new version of Wordsearch. This version should fit almost any phone. It's available in our mobile games section.
20 Jan 2007 by xdebugx

Hit Counter 2.0
Added a new version of HitCounter
15 Apr 2006 by xdebugx

New Games
DagazEhwaz is now FREE! I've also added a package of mobile games called Classic MiniGames! 7 old school arcade and puzzle games to play on your phone. Go to wap.xdebugx.net to download them.
28 Oct 2005 by xdebugx

WAP Site now online!
Hey. I just got the Wap site going. Now you can download games off your phone.
The wap URL is: http://wap.xdebugx.net
Keep in mind that those arent all the games we have. More to be added soon. Good luck, drop a comment.
08 Oct 2005 by xdebugx

Welcome to my new site!
Hey! Welcome to my new website? What do you think? All comments are appreciated. Be sure to vote on the poll. smile
27 Jun 2005 by xdebugx

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