Daily Quotes is a java applet that displays a different quote each time you view the webpage it is on. You can use any quotes you like, it reads a text file for the quotes. To make your quote file enter the quotes as plain text, start each quote with <p> and end each quote with </p> You can also have a comment for each quote, it can be the author of the quote, where it was quoted from or whatever you want. Directly after each quote in your text file put the comment for that quote with <p> before it and </p> after it.
Such as this:

<p>This is a quote!</p><p>This is a comment</p><p>This is another quote.</p><p>And it's comment</p>

You can add many quotes like this in the file. The applet displays a random quote each time.

A title is displayed at the top of the applet. You can set the background color for the applet, the font color, size and style. You can also have an image behind the quotes if you like. All this is set in the applet tag. Here is a sample applet tag.

applet code="dailyQuote.class" width="700" height="100"
param name=title value="C.S. Lewis Quotes"
param name=image value="back.jpg"
param name=filename value="cslewis.txt"
param name=textColor value="black"
param name=backgroundColor value="yellow"
param name=font value="arial"
param name=fontSize value="13"
param name=fontStyle value="bold"

applet code="dailyQuote.class" <-- this should be kept the same it tells the class file for the applet

width="700" height="100" <-- This sets the size of the applet on your webpage, you can set it to any size you like.

param name=title <-- This is where you set the title for your Daily Quotes. Change value="C.S. Lewis Quotes"> to: value="whatever you like">

param name=image <-- Put the filename of your image you would like to display in the backgroud, you can put "none" or "" for no Image.

param name=filename <-- The filename of your quotes file.

param name=textColor <-- The color of your Quotes.

param name=backgroundColor <-- The background Color, will be behind the image if you have an image.

param name=font <-- The font you want to use.

param name=fontSize <-- The font size you want.

param name=fontStyle <-- The font style you want, such as "Italic", "Bold" and such.

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