DagazEhwaz is an extreme breakout style game with 10 different blocks, 10 different powerups and 25 levels. It is made for mobile devices such as phones and pda's. It runs on devices with j2me midp 1.0 or greater and any screensize 128x128 or greater.

You can download the game or source code free, here: Mobile Games Page

  Power Ups


Powerups and Blocks


Normal block, breaks with one hit.
Solid block, unbreakable.
Reinforced block, only breaks from the bottom; takes two hits to break.
Expoding block, explodes destroying blocks on all sides when hit.
Stone block, takes two hits from any side to break.
Disapearing block, can only be broken when it is visible.
Morphing block, morphs to a different block when hit.
Resurrecting block, comes back after 15 seconds.
Moving block, like the solid block but moves back and forth.
Disapearing solid block, like the solid block but disapears.


Multi-ball, turns each ball on the screen into 3 balls.
Speed up, balls start moving faster.
Slow down, balls start moving slower.
Pad grow, pad gets larger.
Pad shrink, pad gets smaller.
Extra ball, gives you an extra reserve ball.
Magnetic pad, balls stick to the pad.
Power ball, ball breaks through any block without bouncing off.
Gun pad, turns the pad into a gun to shoot the blocks.
Mine, watch out for this one, destroys the paddle and you lose a ball.


Use the directional left and right keys or the 4 and 6 number keys to move the pad left and right. Use the select key or 5 number key to fire the gun and release the ball. The object of the game is to break as many blocks as you can without letting the balls fall below the pad.


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